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Prince Harry and Meghan: What they said to Oprah

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PRINCE Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey has just aired on CBS in the United States, and will be shown on ITV at 9pm this evening.

The interview is REALLY explosive stuff. It begins with Meghan on her own and Harry joins her later on. Here are the key points:

* Meghan says Kate made her cry and bought her flowers by way of apology.

* Meghan says they wouldn’t give security protection or a Royal title for her baby Archie.

* Meghan says a senior member of the Royal Family expressed concerns about how dark her baby’s skin would be.

* Meghan says she was feeling suicidal but was prevented from getting the help she wanted.

* They’re having a baby GIRL in the summer.

* Prince Harry said their security in Canada was taken away due to their ‘change in status’.

* Prince Harry talks of ‘a lack of support and a lack of understanding from ‘The Firm”.

* Prince Harry claims Prince Charles ‘stopped taking his calls’ in the run-up to his announcement that he was stepping away from life as a working Royal.

* Prince Harry says there was a lack of support from the Royal Family over supposed racial abuse his wife was experiencing.

* Prince Harry says his father and his brother are ‘trapped’ in the system and Royal life.

* Prince Harry claims his family ‘cut him off financially’ in the first half of 2020, and that he’s using the money Diana left him to live on.

* Prince Harry claims he has a good relationship with the Queen, but there are things to ‘work through’ with his father, Prince Charles. He says it’s his priority to try and ‘heal’ that relationship.

* Prince Harry says he and Prince William were ‘on different paths’.

* Prince Harry says he is very much aware of the conversion about baby Archie’s skin tone, but that isn’t something he isn’t comfortable talking about and won’t reveal details.

* Prince Harry says he would still be there if he’d received the support he needed.

* Prince Harry says he was ‘hurt’ by the Queen’s decision last month to remove his titles.

* Prince Harry says his current relationship with his brother is one of ‘space’, but that ‘time heals all things’.

* Meghan says her one regret is believing the Royal Family when they said she would be protected.

* Prince Harry claims his mother would be ‘angry about how things panned out’.

* Prince Harry claims Meghan ‘saved’ her and they both said the story has a ‘happy ending’.

Written by Marcus Stead

March 8, 2021 at 3:02 am

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